Aula internacional 1 New edition – Livre de l’élève + CD Version anglaise

28,99 TVA inclus

Aula internacional 1 New Edition is the Spanish action-orientated course that makes the classroom the perfect context for language learning with…

  • a variety of activities that address students’ different learning styles
  • a balance between developing receptive and productive skills that maximizes student interaction
  • precise and detailed grammar explanations based on context and meaning
  • clear attractive graphics and page design
  • a wide variety of listening tasks
  • a video segment for each unit
  • an extensive range of digital resources

Aula internacional 1 New Edition is compact; one single volume contains:

  • the Coursebook
  • the Workbook (Más ejercicios)
  • a CD of the class audio recordings
  • an extensive grammar summary (Más gramática)
  • a complete table of regular and irregular verbs



ISBN: 9788415846772
CECR: A1 ( ? )
Nb de pages : 192 pages
Dimensions : 22 × 27 cm
Collection : Aula Internacional Nueva edición
Publication: 2013

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